Chris Hemsworth Returning for ‘Star Trek 4’


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n1t6bdOne of the things about the most recent Ghostbusters that got a solid critical response was Chris Hemsworth’s role as the idiotic and charming receptionist. He played a bumbling and fumbling idiot who could barely manage to answer the phones, but was still likable and funny enough to keep you, the audience, wanting to see more.  So it is on the heels of this solid critical response to his portrayal that we get news of his possible return to the next Star Trek installment. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Chris Hemsworth will be returning as George Kirk, Jame’s Kirk’s father, in Star Trek 4!


It is no big surprise that a studio would reportedly start working on a project prior to their current project’s release. In fact, the demand for many franchises is such that they almost need to start working on projects concurrently to keep pumping them out to the masses. The entire Hunger Games franchise is a great example of this. But the Star Trek reboot seems to be a special case as it never really reached the height and hype of other franchises. There has been much speculation as to whether or not Beyond would be their final installment. But the latest film appears to already to garnering praise and admiration so it would seem that Paramount might already be considering a fourth installment. At a recent conference, when asked if they were working on ideas for a fourth movie, Abrams gleefully replied:

“Yes, and there’s something that hopefully we’re figuratively minutes away from talking about. The answer is 100% yes, and it’s incredibly exciting.”

And given Abrams overall excitement towards the prospect,  it would seem that they have some interesting ideas in place already. One such idea was posed by a reporter recently via Twitter. Scott Mantz, of Access Hollywood tweeted recently that:

I think for many, it would at first seem odd that Kirk’s father would be back– considering that he was soundly obliterated in the first 10 minutes of the 2009 Star Trek  film. But we also do not know what form he will take. Indeed the franchise has already partly tackled the idea of the multiverse, so perhaps Hemsworth’s roll will be that of an other-world father. Or perhaps we will see him in flashbacks, holograms and other retro-viewing ways. At this point all we know is that Abrams has confirmed that Hemsworth will be in the next film.


It will be interesting to see the difference in growth. In 2009 Hemsworth was just getting started as a big star in Hollywood, now he is a bonafide star with solid acting chops to boot. So this also leaves us to speculate, if Hemsworth will have a big part, what sort of changes will they bring to the character of George Kirk. Obviously, we only got to see a snippet of the character in the original movie, most of it was all surface, I look forward to seeing what kind of life and depth Hemsworth will bring to the near blank-slate of a character.

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