Talks of ‘Creed 2’ and the Return of Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed


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Sylvester-Stallone-creedIf you have been paying attentions to ANY of my previous posts, and I really hope you have, I absolutely LOVED Creed! Probably more than the film actually deserves. Ryan Coogler captured so much of what made the original Rocky franchise while stamping out his own legacy. He paid homage to Rocky without overdoing it. It is less of a sequel and more of a reboot that breathed life into an otherwise stagnant franchise and I look forward to seeing more from them

file_610406_creed-trailerFans and critics alike felt the same way, Creed has had a lot of buzz going around about being Oscar-worthy. According to Variety, MGMCEO Gary Garber has stated that,  “There’s no doubt that we’re making a ‘Creed 2,’” and there is no question that the film deserves it. In a cinema-world where films are costing hundreds of millions of dollars to produce, Creed was produced on a budget of just $35 Million dollars and was able to bring in a respectable $102 Million.  A sequel of similar cost would be fairly low-risk in comparison to other movie franchises from a monetary standpoint and the movie did well enough critically to the point where I think that a second Creed might bring in even more money as it will be able to capture more than just brand recognition.

rocky-balboa-vs-apollo-creedAnd, to make things even more exciting, Coogler and Stallone have already been working on ideas for a sequel! In an interview with Variety, Stalone stated that, “One version of the story would take place in the past, which would mean — in a surprise that would energize the franchise’s fans — bringing back Carl Weathers to play Apollo Creed, who died in 1985’s “Rocky IV.” and that Coogler has some ideas revolving around the story going back and forth from the past to the present and being able to see Apollo and Rocky together. This does bring its own complications into the mix, however considering Carl Weather’s and Stalone’s age. Even Michael B. Jordon jests, in the interview saying, “So it’s going to be a CGI-version of Sly?” But again, Coogler has tons of passion for Rocky so I am sure he can figure something out, we all hope–right? WE MISS CARL WEATHERS!!

Really, the biggest thing that worried me is the focus of the story. I don’t want it to be about Balboa, the magic of the first movie is that it was able to create its own path for Michael B. Jordan and cement his place in the Rocky universe as his own compelling and awesome character. If the “Creed” franchise chooses to focus on Balboa too much I am afraid the series might fall into its former ruts. But I am still hopeful that Coogler, Jordan and Sly can make something happen for Creed 2!

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