Mad Maz’s Top Ten Worst Films of 2015

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There are always two sides to every coin…. or was it two sides to every Schwartz? I don’t remember… But I do know that is there is a list for the best films of 2015, well, then there should be a “worst” list. I have a bunch of other categories for “top” films but this is one of the few where I want to explore the negative side because, while I do think we were treated to some stellar movies last year, we were also treated to a bunch of trash.

Some of the same rules apply as my previous list so keep  in mind that this list is 100% subjective and if you see a movie that isn’t on the list, feel free to comment and let me know! Odds are, I may have just not seen said film. Lastly, the list is in order from worst to least worst so the person in the #1 spot is my most hated film of  the year, got it? Cool… Let’s rock!

Mad Maz’s Top Ten Worst Films of 2015

#1 Fantastic Four


Release date: August 7, 2015 (USA)
Director: Josh Trank
Film series: Fantastic Four film series
Production companies: 20th Century Fox, Marvel Entertainment, Constantin Film
Gross: $56,114,221 (USA) (16 October 2015)
Starring: Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Belle, Michael B. Jordan, Toby Kebbell
Don’t act like you were surprised… this was one of those films that you knew was going to be bad right from the get-go but hoped that it would surprise you. And then the day before it’s release, reviewers were basically banned from reviewing the film before the movie was unveiled to the world. So yeah… we knew it was going to suck. But holy hell, how did Fox waste such a good cast? Josh Trank blames fox for not allowing him to do his job fully, but I don’t think ANY cut of that film could have saved it. The performances were flat, chemistry was absent and it just felt like everyone on the set was phoning it in. So I guess Michael B. Jordan has the distinct honor of starring in Mad Maz’s best and worst films of the year.

#2 Pan


Release date: October 9, 2015 (USA)
Director: Joe Wright
Story by: J. M. Barrie
Music composed by: John Powell
Production companies: RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Berlanti Productions
Gross: $34,964,818 (USA) (18 December 2015)
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Rooney Mara, Garrett Hedlund, Levi Miller
Honestly, you can probably switch out this in the #1 spot and it would be the same. Both of these movies were terrible and had a lot of wasted potential. I am not sure what direction they gave Garrett Hedlund in this film but he played an over-the-top creepy pirate pre-being a pirate! The special effects were a waste, the story was meh and Hugh Jackman had all of his slaves singing rock songs while mining for pixie dust. Which would be fine, if we saw it happen throughout the movie… but we get to see it twice in the beginning and no more– which makes it feel awkward and out-of-place. Very few movies anger me, I try to take positives away from everything– but this movie I just couldn’t. So my one positive? I got to eat tasty movie-theater popcorn?

#3 Get Hard


Release date: March 27, 2015 (USA)
Director: Etan Cohen
Producers: Will Ferrell, Adam McKay,Chris Henchy
Screenplay: Etan Cohen, Ian Roberts,Jay Martel
Story by: Adam McKay, Ian Roberts, Jay Martel
Starring: Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell
Gross: $90,353,764 (USA) (26 June 2015)
This is one of those films that wasn’t horrible, but with so many other great comedies this year– it just fell flat. I love Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart but some of their chemistry just felt a bit forced and their jokes were often flat.

#4 Southpaw


Release date: July 24, 2015 (USA)
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Music composed by: James Horner
Executive producers: Kurt Sutter, Ezra Swerdlow, Dylan Sellers, David Ranes,David L. Schiff
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitake, Rachel McAdams
Gross:  $52,418,902 (USA) (30 October 2015)
I was anticipating this film for two reasons. One, Gyllenhaal clearly put some work into this movie to get in shape and two, Antoine Fuqua is low key an amazing director with great attention to detail. Unfortunately, this movie faltered for me and, while some of Fuqua’s usually detailed stamp is used in this film, it felt more subdued. Additionally, while Gyllenhaal’s acting is solid in the film, the character of Billy Hope just wasn’t an interesting enough one to help me love this film.

#5 The Age of Adaline



Release date: April 24, 2015 (USA)
Director: Lee Toland Krieger
Narrator: Hugh Ross
Screenplay: J. Mills Goodloe, Salvador Paskowitz
Production Co: Lakeshore Entertainment
Gross: $42,478,175 (USA) (26 June 2015)
Starring: Blake Lively, Harrison Ford
Okay okay okay… real truth…. I may have been the only one waiting for this movie to come out. Sure I didn’t storm the gates of my local theater to see it but I knew I was going to catch it when it came out nonetheless. It seemed to have an interesting concept, a young woman gets struck by lightning and becomes immortal. Sweet right? With infinite ways you could explore the movie, they chose the smallest possible storyline ever. All we get is Adaline falling in love with a dude, meeting her family, and his dad just happens to be an old flame of hers from  way back in WWII.The whole movie felt small and unexplored. Honestly I was hoping Blake Lively could show me a solid performance but she felt emotionless and flat and the only really good thing about this movie was Harrison Ford putting on a stellar acting performance.


#6 American Ultra


Initial release: August 19, 2015
Director: Nima Nourizadeh
Written by: Max Landis
Music composed by: Marcelo Zarvos
Executive producers: Eyal Rimmon,Gideon Tadmor
Gross: $14,434,604 (USA) (2 October 2015)
Starring: Jessie Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Topher Grace, Walton Goggins, Connie Britton
Admittedly, this wasn’t an absolutely horrible film, part of my distaste for it calls under two reasons. The first is the writer of the film, Max Landis, and his post weekend release twitter rant that attempted to blame audiences for their lack of creativity for the film’s box office failure. For more on that, and my thoughts on it, feel free to go here. The other issue I have is that I can honestly take or leave Kristen Stewart as an actress in virtually any role she has ever been in. Add that to Topher Grace’s abysmal performance as lead villain and you have the#6 wost movie of 2015. The concept was supposed to be one part Pineapple Express and two parts Jason Bourne, but what we get it isn’t the best of those two films mashed together, but a lazy love child of the two instead. Landis touted this as an “original story” that audiences didn’t flock to see but I think it was more like a generic idea that no one cared about.

#7 San Andreas


Initial release: May 27, 2015 (Belgium)
Director: Brad Peyton
Music composed by: Andrew Lockington
Production Co: New Line Cinema, Village Roadshow Pictures
Gross: $155,181,732 (USA) (9 October 2015)
Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddaro, Ioan Grufudd
Look man, I am a big fan of Dwayne Johnson and, even though I love him as an actor, this movie just wasn’t all that great. It had a decent sized budget and some solid effects but it halls all of the same pitfalls every other disaster movie has. The plot is overly predictable, boring and often eye-roll worthy an, while individual performances were solid in the film, the movie as a whole just wasn’t that great.

#8 In the Heart of the Sea


Release date: December 11, 2015 (USA)
Director: Ron Howard
Music composed by: Roque Baños
Story by: Nathaniel Philbrick, Charles Leavitt, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver
Gross:$22,340,171 (USA) (25 December 2015)
Production Co: Village Roadshow Pictures
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Benjamin Walker, Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson, Ben Wishaw
I know what you’re thinking “oooo a late comer to the game”, and you would be right to think so. I watched this film less than a month ago and it just wasn’t all that great. it does an okay job catching you attention but ultimately, the movie told too many stories and had too many subplots and didn’t have a great enough core story throughout the film. Also, news flash, if you are going to have a movie about the origins of Moby Dick, maybe have the friggin whale in more than just 15-20 minutes of the entire film!

#9 Self/Less


Release date: July 10, 2015 (USA)
Director: Tarsem Singh
Screenplay: David Pastor, Àlex Pastor
Music composed by: Antonio Pinto,Dudu Aram
Producers: Ram Bergman, James D. Stern, Peter Schlessel
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Ben Kinglsey
Gross:$12,276,810 (USA) (21 August 2015)
Honestly, I don’t remember much about this film, it came out a while back and the only reason I went to see it was because I think Ryan Reynolds, despite some odd roles, is an interesting actor and the concept of self/less itself seemed fairly interesting. Like Age of Adaline, though, this movie disappointed me.  There wasn’t any specific reason other than it just felt fairly generic and safe. It was a movie that could have battled a lot more with morality than it did and for that, the film suffered critically and monetarily. I just hope Reynolds doesn’t disappoint with Deadpool!!!

#10 Spectre


Release date: November 6, 2015 (USA)
Director: Sam Mendes
Gross: $196,274,955 (USA) (25 December 2015)
Production Co: B24, Columbia Pictures
Starring: Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Lea Seydoux
This may be a surprise for many of you but this film just didn’t stack up to the like of Skyfall or Casino Royale. Additionally, it feels as though Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation essentially snagged this plot first as the two films hit a lot of the same beats. With two notable exceptions, one MI got to it first so it felt fresh and two, their villain was done better. Christoph Waltz may have been the most wasted actor in a film that I have seen in recent years. The trailers had him being so menacing and bad ass but when the movie released he was barely in it and when he was he didn’t seem all that impressive. All the villain did was name off his past accomplishments rather than accomplish anything of note in the actual film. For that, this film lands on the final spot of top ten worse movies of 2015.
So there you have it ladies and gents! These are the films I hated the most during 2015… but There had to be worse, right? For instance, I never got to see Jem and the Holograms, but who did, they pulled that film so fast!  But let me know what your most hated films of the year were! I am excited to find out– this is the BEST film category after all!

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