Quentin Tarantino and Cast of The Hateful Eight Discuss Roadshow and Shooting in 70mm


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Tarantino and the Weinstein company have released a featurette that is actually refreshing and unique. They practically give a documentary-style history lesson about what roadshows are as well as their history. Additionally they discuss what shooting in 70mm will do for the overall movie and the importance of panavision. This is actually the same featurette released at comic-con this year as well.

It is refreshing to see the cast members equally exciting and engaged in the material. Kurt Russell even talks about how shooting in 70mm was something that he had to get used to. Samuel Jackson does his best as narrator of the history lesson and does a marvelous job. Really the only downside to 70mm is that most theaters aren’t equipped for it and need to be retrofitted for it. It is an expensive process that not all theaters will be getting– so the masses might not be able to enjoy this movie in its intended format. Still, it is awesome to see the passion seething from each and every one of the cast ad crew members– it gives the feeling like, at least, they believe that they are doing something truly special.

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