Vin Diesel Will Be Working on a New Riddick Movie as Well as a TV Show For the Same Universe


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While The Chronicles of Riddick and Riddick didn’t do extremely well in theaters, there is no denying that the “Riddick Universe” is a pretty interesting on. And while the two movie above may have failed from a monetary point of view, they did do an extremely good job at word-building. For me, the films have a sort of dark and more edgy Star Trek sort-of feel to them, where the main characters are on weird planets and are faced with extremely dangerous alien monsters. Granted, that is where the similarities between the two franchises disapitate– I have always wanted the Riddick movies to explore more of its own universe.

And my dream may have finally come true! Vin Diesel is moving ahead with the next Riddick film, titled Furia, and David Twohy will be writing the script. In addition, Diesle announced a TV show set in the same universe. Called Merc City. The show  will follow various mercenaries and bounty hunters. Which I love… it feels like Agents of Shield mixed with the Riddick Franchise. This show might be a solid compliment to the movie universe and may help do some world-building of its own. Granted, it wouldn’t be starring Diesel himself, but a show like this could have pretty much go wherever it wanted in terms of story arcs and plots– so that is pretty exciting simply as a standalone.

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