The Peanuts Video Review


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I really didn’t know what to expect going in when I went to see The Peanuts Movie… but I was pleasantly surprised! I was never a big fan of The Peanuts growing up, in all honesty, not for any real reason… I just never really got into them is all. But this is probably my favorite animated films so far this year!

And that is saying quite a bit considering that I absolutely loved Inside OutWas struck me as remarkably different in this movie is how simple the plot was. The movie essentially followed Charlie Brown and his first love, which is something everyone can relate to. He struggles with the idea that he isn’t worthy of the person he loves even though, throughout the film, he shows qualities that are indeed worthy.

Two of my favorite scenes in the entire film have to deal with him attempting to impress his love interest. The first one is when he is trying to win the local talent show. His sister is on stage before him and she is about to get embarrassed and boo’d off stage. He is given the choice to either cut off her act and start his own– potentially impressing the Little Red-Haired Girl (love interest) or helping his sister out of her bind. He chooses to be the true “big brother” and sacrifice his moment to save hers. The other scene is when he is trying to learn to dance to impress his love interest once again and it is extremely adorable and heartwarming to see someone attempt to overcome obstacles for love.

This movie surprised me and did a great job of mixing some of the old jokes that we have come to expect, without beating us over the head with it. Snoopy also had his classic battle with the Red Baron throughout the film and…well.. it was awesome… Snoopy was also extremely funny in the movie and I just loved every scene he was in with Woodstock!

The point is… go see this movie!

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