‘Jem and the Holograms’ Pulled After Two Weeks Proving That Nostalgia Alone Does Not Sell Tickets


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In the age of cinema-nostaglia, where every movie is either getting a sequel or remake, it is hard to imagine a classic show-to-movie adaptation failing completely. Even the first G.I. Joe movie was at least successful enough to warrant a sequel after all and we cannot stop Michael Bay from making Transformers movies (no matter how much the world begs him to stop). But, alas, Jem and the Holograms has the unique privilege of going down in infamy as it bombed so hard that it actually is getting pulled by Universal Studios  after just a short two-week run playing on almost 2,500 screens.

Jem-and-the-HologramsJem and the Holograms(JatH) is based on a 1980 toy line and TV show of the same name. However, 80’s nostalgia couldn’t even save this movie. Most films can at least have a passable opening weekend, even if the movie is horrid, because word of mouth hadn’t had time to spread just yet. However, after opening on about 2500 screens, JatH pulled in a meager $1.37 million during its opening weekend and the numbers only plummeted from there. According to Business Insider Universal has decided to pull the movie entirely from theatres rather than scale back the amount of theaters.

imagesAccording to Cinema Blend, this gives JAtH the distinct and unique honor of being, not just the worst film opening this year but also, being the worst film opening of all time that opened on more than 2,000 screens. But, hey… this film is basically a wash for Universal Studios that is actually having a killer box-office year. And in all reality, the losses are minimal when considering that the movie was made on a budget of just 5 million dollars and they did little-to-no marketing for the film. So while this may have been an embarrassment for the studio, at the end of the day it might just be a small and forgettable blunder. It’s not like people are picking up their pitchforks and storming the studio because the movie was just that horrible, people actually have to see it to really be upset by it. And… as you can tell by its box office… almost no one did.

But I have heard that the music was not half bad…so there’s that I guess… Here is a few songs:

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