Say ‘I Love You’ OVA – The Discovery of Yamato’s Motivations


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I’m at As I have  gotten older, my taste in anime has evolved to include, not just action packed shows like Naruto or Bleach but, emotional anime. Granted, the tough part in finding more emotional anime to enjoy is that they are harder to make and harder to market to a wider audience. However, I think that also allows the shows and manga to take on a more artful approach as well as avoid a stereotypical one. One more recent show I have seen, and discussed about in a previous post, was called Your Lie in April, and if you have seen the show and did not feel at least the slightest tug on your heart-strings then you might not have a heart.

wpid-wp-1392855081153.jpegOne of my first posts on this site–actually back when it was just a free wordpress blog at– was about a little slice of life-type show called Say ‘I Love You’ which followed a young high school girl named Tachibana Mei who, by some odd childhood social-trauma, had retreated within herself and no longer seeks friends and companionship and is content with going about her days not caring about others. That is until a chance encounter with Yamato, the most popular boy in school, where she mistakenly attempted to roundhouse kick him for harassing her (even though he wasn’t). Yamato takes a liking to Tachibana and begins to stalker-ishly pursue her romantically. Slowly, as the series progresses, Tachibana comes out of her shell and experiences the world in new ways gaining friends and overcoming obstacles and hardships in the process.

The major downside in this show, for me, was the fact that it was only about 12 or 13 episodes long and had a bit of a slow pace at times. Keep in mind this is due in part because I read the manga before watching the show and, even though the series stays true to the manga, it doesn’t exactly attempt to speed things up to tell the whole story. So the show just sort of ends on a ‘meh’ note. Comment

However, one of my first commentators, ever, told me that they had released an OVA (original video animation) the show. The problem was, I could not find it whenever I searched online for it! So I put it on the back-burner thinking “hey, I will come back to it later” and then almost a year went by until I went “oh my god, I forgot to watch it!”. Thankfully, the OVA was extremely easy to find now so I was able to watch it just this morning and figured I would share with you my thoughts on the OVA as a standalone product as well as how I feel about it compared to the rest of the series.

Also the commentor’s tag is Kaori Mizumi and her blog can be found here!


6Mei decides to make cookies for Yamanto with the help of Mei, Aiko, Asami, and Nagi. Nagi realizes having Yamato around is making Mei nervous, and therefore making the process longer,  so she asks him to leave the house for a while. After leaving, Yamato gets a text from his childhood friends Kai who suggests that they meet together at the park where they first became friends. At the park the two men discuss their past and the importance of the park to themselves and Yamato, after some coercing from Kai, reveals how important Mei is to him and why he loves her so much. Kai and Yamato part ways and Kai runs into Megumi at a bus stop where they have an awkward, but cute, talk that ends with Kai storming off. Later, Megumi’s friend suggests that Megumi is in love with Kai. Meanwhile Yamato makes it back to Mei’s house where he is [finally] able to try her cookies which turn out to be delicious. After this, Mei and Yamato head to the convenience store and have a romantic walk and conversation along the way.


Overall, given the short runtime of this episode (22 Minutes), it was enjoyable and actually felt like an enhancement to the series rather than just a standalone animation. The OVA had all the charm, cuteness and grace of the series and, sadly, it left me with the desire to see more even though I know it was not possible… so thanks for that!8

If I had to pick one thing I disliked about the OVA it would be the fact that there was not enough of Tachibana Mei. The first half of the OVA revolves mostly around Yamato and Kai in the park and then Kai speaking with Megumi. We don’t really even get to see Mei until the latter half of the episode. Which sucks because the few minutes we do see her in– she shines. Her character was always weird for me because she is the type that could easily be annoying. She is unsure of herself, always nervous, always doubting but it works for her character in part because she is not depressing. She is shy, sure, but she wants to succeed and makes great strides to do so in her own way. So even the small bits of her I saw in this OVA were worth it!

2But I think this OVA was more about Yamato and his feelings toward Mei. One small interesting, if not frustratingly curious, thing about the series is that Yamato comes off as a perfect guy that does what he wants. We as the audience get to see Yamato pursue Mei for no other reason than the fact that he found her to be extremely interesting and that interest quickly grew into admiration and then love. But that love always seemed too unconditional and too pure to be completely realistic so I think it tended to leave the audience questioning. However, this OVA dives into a bit more of Yamato’s motivations for pursuing Mei and I love that they did it because that feeling of “too good to be true” has stuck with me for some time in spite of the fact that I know that their love succeeds in the manga. I couldn’t wrap my head around it because I didn’t fully understand why.1

So what were his motivations? You will just have to watch the OVA to get the answer! Muahahaha

In any case, great little movie and definitely worth the watch if you were  a fan of the original series as it goes into certain plot lines that the show never got a chance to dive into!



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  1. I have searched EVERYWHERE for the ova.. please does anyone know where I can watch it? I really want to and would be so happy if someone could help me out here 🙂 … also do they have an English dub for it? I’d so I would really prefer to watch that version. . If not just english subs are fine 🙂 thankyou so much whoever helps me 🙂

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