Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Ticket Sales Crash Websites, New Trailer Release Amazes


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Two months prior to its theatrical release, tickets have gone on sale for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Nerds everywhere flocked to their computers, phones and tablets to purchase tickets in mass. Which is spelling great news for Lucasfilms and Disney alike but possibly not so good for ticket vendors. Many sites that sell movie-theater tickets were subject to freezing, crashing and downright outages as site traffic skyrocketed. Sites like Fandango, AMC Theaters, Marcus and others struggled to stay operational as troves of Jedi-happy fans attempted to purchase their tickets for the highly anticipated movie.

Deadline writes:

Fandango was most seriously affected… with the site timing out before the home page loads when we attempted to access it. Service for ticket sellers has been spotty all over, and though many fans were eventually able to purchase tickets after several attempts, others are reporting they’ve gotten access only for these sites to crash again before finalization.

So while this may mark a great success for the studios behind this movie, it is a bit frustrated for the fans. The force, apparently, was not with them during this dark time of purchases. Still, this shows how popular the franchise is and the potential money-making ability that it still has even after decades and decades (and decades) have passed since the original film, Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope, which was released in 1977.

In other news, a new trailer was also recently released that makes the film look pretty darn epic. The whole trailer has a very dramatic feel to it and I am excited to see the new (and old) world they will build for the film. here is the trailer below:

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