Top Five Films That Failed to Deliver


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Every once in a while you get really excited to see a new film. You anticipate, for months on end, that you will experience a great cinematic show and, hey, it might just be the best movie ever….right? But more times than not, a movie cannot quite meet your expectations. Hell, in many cases your expectations are the very thing that ruin the film! However, the let down isn’t any less painful once the credits start rolling.

Here at Mad Maz Reviews, we aren’t immune to expectations or disappointment so here are our top five movies that did not meet our expectations”

The first on our list is Battleship, a horrendous piece of crap that has no right reaching the silver-screen. But, alas, it made it due to being backed by Michael Bay…and it definitely shows because the whole film just looks like left-overs from the Transformers franchise, sound effects and all! The cast might have been good, if they didn’t choose to use Rihanna so much in the film… she is a poor actress, and that is putting it nicely. Liam Neeson was an utter waste also.

And speaking of transformers, Age of Extinction could have been about an hour and a half shorter. It was a real bore of a film in both plot, action and acting. Mark Wahlberg, who I think is a great actor, really phoned it in for this movie and T.J. Miller was killed way too soon. They tried to go way to serious and it just missed on every level. That, along with the fact that the action sequences made zero sense and were so drawn out, and you pretty much have a movie that felt like it was made just to cash in from the fans.

I was really excited to see Blake Lively in a film that would get to show off her acting chops. She really hasn’t had a break-out leading role yet and I thought The Age of Adaline would be that role for her. She plays a woman, Adaline Bowman, who by some freak accident becomes immortal and essentially cannot age. The premise is something that is nearly limitless in terms of where they could go but they, instead, decided to go in the most mundane direction possible and the only bright spot was Harrison Ford. His character has to battle with the idea of rekindling an old flame while being surrounded by a loving wife and loving children. Overall, the film was rather boring and Blake Lively really turned in a flat performance.

And like The Age of AdalineJohnny Depp’s Transcendence also shared in achieving the same level of boredom. I can understand Depp’s flat performance– he played an AI that was trying to save the world… He was literally a computer that thought things through logically. He is meant to be cold and distant because he is, well… not human. However, unlike Adaline, this film fails due to the fact that it was way too dense and slow-paced to make the film interesting in the slightest.

Finally, Fantastic Four is the biggest piece of utter trash to hit the silver-screen this year. I do not often want my money back, but I take the exception with this film as it takes all of its potential and throws it out the window. Every chance the film gets, instead of developing characters and relationships that are important to the story, they time-skip and make the audience infer such bonds. The cast seemed cold and distant and had zero on-screen chemistry and the final boss fight was atrocious. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE FOR THE LOST OF GOD!

So what films were you disappointed with? Did we miss any? Let me know in the comments below!

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