New ‘The Martian’ Promotional Video: Mars Will Fear Mark Watney’s Botany-Power!


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I recently posted an article about how I love the promotional videos that are being done for the newer Ridley Scott Film, The Martian, and they have released another one recently. Obviously I have done little to hide my excitement for the upcoming film– I loved the book, and the more I see of the movie, I will most likely love the film too! It seems  like they casted perfectly for the main character, Matt Damon captures the character almost exactly how I had envisioned the fowl-mouthed and humorous Mark Watney to be.

So hopefully the film is as good as the promotional videos… Here is the clip below where he lays just SOME of the hardships he is facing living alone on Mars, and what he will do to overcome the obstacles in his way:

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