‘Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?’ – If Sword Art Online Actually Took Place in an MMORPG


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Do you like action? Do you like mega-heroes coming into their own? What about adventure!!?? What about boobs? Odds are, if you like these things in your anime– you will love Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? It has all that and much more. There characters are all, fairly, likable and the action sequences, while they could be more frequent, are a lot of fun to see on-screen. It was a lot of fun to watch this series and I really regret that it ended too soon.


60554704Bell Cranel, a 14-year-old boy, lives in a word with Greek gods and goddesses living on earth. Each god/goddess has their own followers easily referred to as a guild or “familia”. The world is very similar to an RPG as each guild member has levels and skills that can be learned or increased as the person grows and gets stronger. This is primarily done by going into the local dungeon, where they fight monsters for items and crystals that are used for both forging items and magic stuffs as well as utilizing them for money.

Bell is a low-level rookie adventurer that could not find a well established familia that would take him. He is pitied by Hestia, the goddess of  Hearth, family and the domestic life, who also was having trouble as a minor goddess establishing a familia. She takes Bell in as her first follower and they begin their life in hopes to grow the familia and level up Bell.maxresdefault

Bell really doesn’t have a goal in life other than wanting to have a romantic encounter within the dungeon, an idea instilled in him by his grandfather…you can guess at this intentions… He is weak and feeble and while traveling in the dungeon one day, he happens to travel too far in and unluckily attracts the attention of a rampaging minotaur. He is saved by Aiz Wallenstein, an extremely prodigious adventure known far and wide, Bell immediately falls in love with her and instantly recognizes how weak he is in comparison. His new goal, going forward, is to catch up to Aiz so that one day he can fight alongside her. Instilled with a new sense of purpose, this unwittingly unlocks a new skills for the young adventurer called “Realis Phrase” which gives Bell fast growth as long as certain feelings last. The strength of the effects is related to the strength of the user’s feelings. Therefore as long as he desires to get strong, he will do so at an astonishing rate. With this new, unknown, skill Bell takes on the dungeon at an astonishing pace as he hopes to one day catch up to Aiz.


Bell_Cranel_Anime_24I love the action in this show, the fight scenes are well choreographed, easy to follow and are paced well. Every time Bell enters battle you will find yourself getting excited to watch him kick butt. You will also probably start getting annoyed when they take forever to get to such scenes. The character of Bell is, essentially, overpowered… He has a skill akin to something of a cheat code and no one else really has this skill. As such he is able to power up, level up and overcomes obstacles that those around him would only dream of overcoming. Take that for what it is worth, to some it might seem like a cheap plot-device to make the character stronger but many others might like this in their protagonist. The bottom line is that they do a good job of balancing bad-ass characters and making him normal enough so he is still likable. They make him approachable because, while he is extremely strong, he is not smug or arrogant about it and truly does not believe himself as being elite. maxresdefault (2)

Part of this show are a bit like Sword Art Online, when you consider things like the protagonist being the sort of “god” of his world. No one is like him and there are things that only he can accomplish. But it also incorporates things that SAO missed. For instance, while SAO had characters that were trapped in an MMORPG, it did not really feel like they were in a game. Whereas Dungeon incorporated a lot of MMO features in their real-life world. People could level up, increase states and even gain abilities and, what’s more said abilities seemed a lot more important to this world.  Additionally the setting added to the feel of an old-school MMO as well.
Is-It-Wrong-to-Try-to-Pick-Up-Girls-in-a-Dungeon-1.2-1There is a decent amount of fan-service in this show, would you expect otherwise given the name of the show? In fact, given the name, there was less than I had anticipated. However, this is heavily a harem anime where every girl who goes within ten feet of the protagonist falls for him. And, of course, the protagonist is oblivious to the feelings of the woman around him and remains the “nice-guy” by never really choosing any of them. I am not a fan of harem animes in a general sense as I get frustrated at the lack of progress such shows usually make, but this show also incorporates a lot of other good material that it is easy to overlook this flaw.bell_cranel_render___danmachi_by_artairrose-d8r34od

This anime also ended way too soon I think the whole series goes about 12 or 13 episodes? And it just sort of ends ambiguously with hopes of the future. I wanted to see more, and the final boss fight was not exactly stellar especially when the audience got to see far better fights throughout the series. So the final episode was a bit of a let down, I really hope they do a season 2 but with how they ended it I am not sure that will happen?

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  1. I agree a lot with your review of this series. If the ending were better, it would have been a top notch series in my book. But sadly the ending was lacking. I really hope there is a season two because the premise and characters were really cool in my opinion.

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