Michael B. Jordan Steps Into The Ring


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The just released a new Creed movie trailer and, I have to say, I am even more excited for this film! And, while Michael B. Jordan failed to impress in the Fantastic Four film, Adonnis Creed definitely looks like a great character.

Additionally we get to see some action in this trailer which looks incredible! I like the idea that they are not trying to make Creed Jr. this bad-ass fighter from the beginning, he is a true underdog like our beloved Rocky and he has to overcome obstacles in his way to achieve greatness. Additionally we get more context for his character… In the first trailer it was unclear if he was just a spoiled rich kid that hated his dad so I wasn’t sure if I would like his character.

Instead, it looks as if Adonnis is struggling less with the hatred of his father and more with the idea of taking up the mantle, the title, of Creed. I can definitely get behind a struggle like that. Here is the trailer, enjoy:

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