Promotional Ads for ‘The Martian’ Film Are Amazing!


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Part of what I rate films on is the ad-campaign and while the rating is weighted slightly lower than some of the other brackets, like ‘plot’ or ‘storytelling’, it is, I think, an extremely valuable piece that goes into making a great film. After all if you can’t draw am audience why make a movie in the first place right?

I like when films go the extra mile to advertise or drum-up excitement and it goes a long way in driving ticket sales. Take my recent Ant-Man review… in it I discussed how Marvel’s unique ad-campaign was a spectacular way to excite would-be viewers and it really made me want to see the film if for no other reason than out of respect.

I have been very excited to see the new film The Martian, starring Matt Damon, because I read the book by the same title and was blown away. But they too have gone the extra mile to drum-up excitement by releasing a few promotional videos. The videos center around the ARES crew prior to and/or during their manned mission to Mars. The films are marked as “ARES Live” so they give the film a bit more of a real-life feel for it and they also do a good job of introducing you to the spectacular cast.

The first video is of Mark Watney (Matt Damon) as he introduced you to the crew of ARES and shows you what the crew as a whole is doing as well as their respective roles on the ship. The clip also gives a good indication of what type of characters you will see in the film be it humor, gravitas, sarcasm or more.

The second shows the crew after they each spent 10 days in an isolated environment as a training excercise to see how they mentally and physically react in such environments. Afterwards each member of the crew is separately interviewed by a NASA psychologist and you get to see some really lively answers!

The third and possibly my favorite promotional video they released is of Neil DeGrasse Tyson doing an episode akin to The Cosmos illustrated the ARES’ mission and it’s important to space travel and the future of the human race.

These promotional videos has gotten me super excited about the upcoming film and I really like the direction that they are headed. I, for one, cannot wait to see the film and if it is even a fraction as good as the book, which it seems like it will be, the film will be amazing!

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