Hulu Changes Monthly Subscription and it Rocks!


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I just received an e-mail from Hulu that shares some amazing news, so I thought I would share it with everyone Mad Maz Reviews!


My internal struggle between Netflix and Hulu has been a long standing one. On one hand, Hulu offers way more up-to-date contents while, on the other hand, Netflix offers video-watching with zero ads. More recently, I have leaned more towards Netflix for this very reason. I hate commercials and Hulu in particular is one of the worst offenders.

Not just because of the frequency of their ads, but how repetitive they are. It is maddening. I would be willing to overlook the ads if it wasn’t the same ad playing over and over again. This is a big issues given that many streamers and binge-watchers.

However, Netflix might just lose their hold on me know that Hulu has released a new subscription that is ad-free! Finally, I can watch all my new shows without having to see the same car commercial one hundred times. Their monthly cost goes from $7.99 to $11.99 but I, for one, welcome the price hike if it means no more ads!

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