Vin Diesel Teases Iron Giant 2!


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Two days ago Vin Diesel teased the idea of a possible Iron Giant 2 film. Literally toying with all of our heart strings! Iron Giant is me of the bday American made animated films of all time and I, for one, would love to see a sequel.


Now to be fair, all this could really mean is that Diesel also loved the products and has been trying to get Warner Bros. To get a sequel up and running. So nothing is really in the works yet but Diesel as pestered producers enough in the past to get his way.

During the Fast and Furious another actor was set to play the role Dwayne Johsnon currently plays but after Diesel pestered the studio, we go to see the Rock face off with Vin on the big screen.

So here is to hoping that he gets his way one again for Iron Giant II!!

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