The Revenant 2015 Trailer and Thoughts


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I recently saw the trailed for The Revenant and thought it seemed weird to say the least. It was unclear what the point of the story way, what IS clear, however is that the story is going to be intense and probably stressful to watch. Here is the trailer:

I wanted to find out more about the movie as Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors–specifically in the second half of his career. I have not seen a movie of his in a while that I disliked and he has done a wide range of roles that his acting chops really cannot be questions at this point.

Lqtz0kiAnyways, the movie follows a fur trapper named Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) that is left for dead by his companions John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), Jim Bridger (Will Poulter), and Andrew Henry (Domnhall Gleeson) when he is mauled by a bear while hunting in the Dakota territory (yr1820). They literally rob him  of his possessions and leave him to die.

There is only one problem… her survives the attack. After, presumably, healing his wounds he begins a 200 mile journey of revenge. He is going to go after his former friends for leaving him to die. The film is inspired by true events and looks pretty expansive as it shows him having to not only fight his friends or a bear, but also deadly Native Americans along his war-path.

I had to look it up, but “revenant” is defined as a visible ghost or animated corpse believed to return from the grave to terrorize the living. And, I like this title as it can either read, then, as The Ghost or The MWRWyZombie. In either case–you can get a sense of the type of fear Hardy and his friends are going to deal with in this film and it also gives DiCaprio’s character a bit more depth. It’s not just a revenge story, he is powered almost by a supernatural force to wreak havoc in his former friends life– he has no purpose other than achieving that end.

the-revenant-leonardo-dicaprio-tom-hardy-ftrThe only thing that worries me about this film is that I read a recent article at the hollywoodreporter in which they describe a set in chaos where the director seems a bit too heavy-handed with the staff causing a lot of set backs, firings and general turnover. apparently, it is because of this film that we do not get to see Tom Hardy in Suicide Squad as the production of the film took too long, bummer… Additionally the article points out that, while the original budget for the film was around 60 million, the actual cost has climbed to nearly 100 million and will probably end up at 135 million. I don’t see this as a terrible thing as any studio willing to more than double their budget on a project must believe in its potential to make money. Only time will tell!

Anyways, now that I know more about the film, the teaser trailer seems less weird to me and I am actually pretty excited to see this high-budget  Western suspense film. How about you?

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