‘American Ultra’ Writer Takes to Twitter Ranting About it’s Failure


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Writer of the film American Ultra, Max Landis, has taken to Twitter recently ranting and question the aparrent failure of his new flick.

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Ultimately, Landis is placing blame for the failure of the film not on his own writing or the acting or even the film itself, he is placing blame on the audience’s lack of interest in “original ideas”. And to some extent he is right, it feels like more and more remakes or sequels are being made, but that does not mean that people don’t want original ideas. What Landis fails to grasp is that maybe, just maybe, people didn’t want HIS idea.

In his newest film, starring Jessie Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart, Jessie plays an everyday stoner who was secretly an CIA agent, but he didn’t know it. His handler activates his abilities to stop him from being killed and we get to go on an action ride full of antics, action and silliness. Recent trailers have been advertising it as Pineapple Express meets Jason Bourne. 

So I am confused… is this film an original idea? Or is it a mash-up of unoriginal ideas disguised as something original?

He goes on to Tweet:

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Still, he argues that the audiences want the same-old stuff handed to them on  silver platter. But then again, how do you explain recent successes like The Fault In Our StarsWhiplashInterstellar, Inception, Neighbors, Ride Along, Fury  and more? Did those films just get lucky or was it that they were actually just really good films that hit a wide target audience really well?

Part of the issue, I think, is by billing it as Pinapple Express meets Jason Bourne, you’re actively limited your viewership for a few reasons. The first of which is that many people either liked one or the other of these films– so combining them might seem horrible. The second reason is that there is a huge audience in the world that wouldn’t see either of those two films. Thirdly, by billing it as they did above– you are literally billing it as an unoriginal movie starring Kristen Stewart… we all know the huge crowd she draws (sarcasm).


But the biggest problem I see here is that this is the second twitter attack by someone involved in a project that doesn’t work out. In both instances, they blame external factors for their movies failing(Josh Trank with Fantastic Four). But I subscribe to the belief that if you collect a paycheck and sign your name to a project– you hold responsibility over said project. You get to revel in the films success if it is a hit and you should have to do likewise if it is a bomb. Take ownership of your part and move on rather than trying to save face.


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