Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (2015)


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I am not a crazy Mission Impossible fanboy– I actually have only seen the first two films. I have, however, been hearing a lot of buzz about how much better the M.I. franchise had become and that it is Tom Cruise’s bread-and-butter. The previews also looks solid and I particularly like how they were showing segments on television where they would show Tom Cruise or someone doing an actual stunt–like holding onto an airplane as it takes off. Sure, these stunts had wires and whatnot but I wouldn’t so much as go skydiving or bungee jumping with  a 99% safety margin, so seeing a well paid actor put his life on the line to make a film better definitely gets my attention.


Mission-Impossible-01-GQ-23Mar15_b_813x494The IMF has been deemed too excessive and too unchecked in their attempts at saving the world. Often, it appears their “plans” rely more on dumb luck than skill and, because letting such an organization continue to operate is foolish on paper, the IMF is disbanded. However, Ethan Hunt goes on the run and attempts to hunt down, what he perceives, is the biggest threat the IMF or the world has ever faced: The Syndicate.

The Syndicate is a network of extremely skilled– mostly presumed dead– operatives that seek to change the world and control it via a series of well-planned and intricate terrorist attacks. Who controls them is unknown, who is in the Syndicate is unknown, most people believe they are a myth– something made up… but Ethan Hunt is convinced that they are real and, worse still, they are planning something big. Ethan enlists the help of his usual IMF crew as well as Lisa Faust who might be a double agent or might be an operative inside The Syndicate. Ethan Hunt has to find and stop The Syndicate before they find him or before the British Government does.


The movie is what you have come to expect from the Mission Impossible franchise. It is an action packed and incredibly fun summer blockbuster. The effects are fantastic as well as the stunts. The cast is extremely likable and useful and are great compliments to Tom Cruise. Jeremy Reiner is also a welcome compliment to the team as he acts as a counterbalance between the insane crew and realism.

Which might sound weird… doesn’t Simon Pegg’s character act as the tinge of realism? constantly pointing out how crazy this or that is? The answer is yes and no… Pegg’s character is there more for the comedic relief– therefore his character and his opinions carry a little less weight with the group. He us useful and therefore valued, but if push comes to shove, they can just bully him into doing what they want. Reiner’s character, however, isn’t as easily pushed

Jeremy Renner plays Brandt in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL, from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions.

around and, more importantly, he has to answer to other people so he realistic nature hold more weight for the audience. But his character also knows how to get things done– he doesn’t just grandstand the crew to a halt, his is constructive member as rounds out the  IMF very well.

I especially liked, in this film, that Ethan Hunt is both smarter than everyone and yet outsmarted by The Syndicate countless times. He has met his match with the Syndicate to the point where you trust his character less. Why? Because he has so much invested in beating them that it appears that it is less about saving the world and more about his own pride. You question his motives, his plan and his ability many times in this film which allows for the final payoff to be that much sweeter.

Mission-Impossible-Rogue-Nation-17I’m not going to lie– his James Bond-ish love with Lisa Faust feels a bit forced and I am not sure they really have much chemistry in the film. You don’t feel as emotionally attached to her as you should when her life is directly threatened. Hell, the writers don’t seem too attached as she seems basically whisked of to nowhere at the end when the IMF has wrapped everything in a neat little bow. Outside of you question if she is legit or not (which I feel like they answer very easily), her character doesn’t do much in the film for me.

The film as a whole, however, is a lot of fun and many of the action sequences are ton very well and include a solid amount of action and humor.




Plot (Out of 20)

mission-impossible-rogue-nation-simon-pegg-reviewThe plot was a fun one and brings is back to the first Mission Impossible film where he is essentially on his own again. I like the dynamic between the villain and Ethan and how you really don’t know what the final outcome will be and who will be the winner. It meshed insane action and stunts well with an easy-to-follow plot that still had you guessing. (20/20)



Characters (Out of 20)

Jeremy-Renner-and-Ving-Rhames-in-MISSION-IMPOSSIBLE-ROGUE-NATIONOutside of Lisa Faust– I liked all of the characters. Her love with Ethan felt forced and had little chemistry for me… Outside of that was I the only one who thought the villain looked a bit like Steve Jobs meets Archer? Just sayin’ (15/20)




Acting (Out of 20)

downloadThe acting was solid– I’m not so sure that the Faust issue I had dealt with acting– I’m going to say that It was probably more an issue with writing for me. (18/20)



Storytelling(Out of 30)

mi5-actionThe story was well done for an action packed blockbuster with insane stunts, it was easy to follow without boring you and had enough of a mystery that it didn’t annoy you. it was a happy balance!  (25/30)




Ad-Campaign(Out of 10)

This was a fantastic Ad-Campaign! They did a great job hyping the film for me and making me want to catch up with the series! (10/10)


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  1. Love how you give such a wide spectrum of the movie. You don’t see this in any other movie review sites. Good job. Now, can you please put up a review of the movie “No Escape” when in comes out? Thank you.

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