Trainwreck 2015: A Great Date-Night Film with Great Characters


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I had to be convinced to go see the movie Trainwreck. Honestly, I had no real intention of seeing the film… why? Partly because I do not enjoy, in a generic sense, female comedians. Amy Schumer included! This is because, like stereotypical females in English Majors, you hear nothing but talk about sex. Which I am fine with initially– but 10 minutes into any sort of stand-up I always find myself thinking “Okay ‘x’ comedian– move on to the next topic…. oh… there is no next topic?”. Female comedians are not the only one to fall into this pit– but in my (limited) point of view it feels like that is all female comedians talk about. And, until this film– that is basically all I have ever seen from Schumer.


While Trainwreck does include a lot of sex jokes– as the main character is a woman doesn’t like being tied down and is a serial-dater–  it is still a surprisingly charming and fun date movie. Schumer and Bill Hader really deliver in this film and John Cena and LeBron James were, much to my delight, hilarious!


635742928454041657-XXX-TRAINWRECK-FATHER01-MOV-DCB-74924625-1-When her father convinces his daughter that monogamy is not “realistic”, she spends her life living by that mantra. She enjoys a life free of relationships and sexual responsibility– uninhibited by social rules and guidelines until, eventually, finding herself in a rut. She is tasked by the magazine company that she works for to write-up a profile on an up-and-coming sports-doctor named Aaron Conners (Bill Hader), she takes a liking to him and they start dating. As the relationship continues, like turns to love of and Amy (Amy Schumer) considers cleaning up her act and finally settling down.

Amy and Aaron are surrounded by supporting friends and family that want to see the relationship succeed– but not everything can work out as easily as one might hope.  Amy has to tackle her own personal demons if the relationship is going to succeed. Can she clean up her act or will it be a loveless life for Amy?


johncenatrainwreck2It was a very charming film, the characters are all pretty likable. Hell, you even feel bad for John Cena’s character  because he is in tears when he breaks up with Amy. He finds out that she is cheating on him and he leaves essentially in tears. The kicker is that he is probably gay and the break up is most likely a good thing for him– but you still feel bad for his character because he seems like such a nice guy! This is saying a lot considering he is only in the movie for about 10 minutes and you, as an audience, feel invested enough in his character to want to root for him.

Schumer plays a pretty crass character, unafraid to share her opinion which, quite honestly, allows this film to separate itself from the standard RomCom cookie cutter films. However it doesn’t stray so far that it leaves behind the classics like You’ve Got Mail or others. It is cute– you want the couple to last– to succeed– even when both characters don’t seem like they deserve a happy ending. Trainwreck-trainwreck-2015-38578072-960-960

But honestly, this movie’s bread and butter isn’t the love story– but the crazy funny stuff that happens around that vehicle. One of the best scenes in the film is when Bill Hader versus LeBron James in a one-on-one basketball game. Hader sinks a shot– his first ever against LeBron (or his first ever period) and immediately starts gloating to LeBron and, the best part? LeBron is actually made that he made the shot! And this movie is chalked full of this small but hilarious moments!

trainwreck-movie-review-25jul2015Outside of making the film a bit more raunchy or “in your face”– it is still fairly predictable, and this is where the film falls short for me. The movie has it’s moments, but as a whole film it is largely forgettable when put up against many other blockbuster-type films. That, and the fact that I suspect the character of Amy could have easily been portrayed by many others?I am not entirely convinced that she brought much uniqueness to the role. Still, she does a solid job but I think LeBron, Hader and even the actress who plays her sister ultimately and easily steal the spotlight from her.

Still I’d recommend it– it is a great date night film or a great film if you want some laughs. It doesn’t fail in that regard, it is very charming very funny and clever enough that you will thoroughly enjoy it!


Plot (Out of 20)

IntrvwI like the initial plot simply because of its ridiculousness. What kind of father gives his children advice like that? What’s more, why type of semi-intelligent girl take that to heart when she gets older? It sets up for an interesting movie and shows us that it is never too late to change.  They do a good job of making Schumer a very loose person but don’t make her so insane that the audience alienates her. Overall the plot, however, is fairly cookie cutter and doesn’t do anything new. (10/20)



Characters (Out of 20)

trainwreckI enjoyed all the characters in the film– even the weirder ones. They’re all very funny and help move the plot along in their own way– there is very little in the way of wasted space in this film– everyone is essential either for story or for laughs and often for both! (20/20)




Acting (Out of 20)


With the exception of Schumer, everyone did a great job in this film.. and honestly Schumer did a great job– was very funny, but again I am not sure that it had to be her in that role or if another actress would have been just as good. Hader–honestly needs to be in more films he is a very likable actor in this film so I hope he has a sort of Tom Hanks career and he starts to move more into serious roles. We shall see! (18/20)



Storytelling (Out of 30)

Amy (AMY SCHUMER) catches up with local homeless guy Noam (DAVE ATTELL) in “Trainwreck”, the new comedy from director/producer Judd Apatow that is written by and stars Schumer as a woman who lives her life without apologies, even when maybe she should apologize.

How they told the story was fine, and that is it.. it was fine. Many parts we predictable and that slows the mental pace of a film a bit for me. But they show all the things you expect and you want in a RomCom. They show a budding relationship that you can root for only to put it in jeopardy– and the characters have to meet a sort of resolution to move forward. The general pacing was fine and I can’t quit fault a film for utilizing a classic-successful guideline– but I certainly can’t give it a full score…(18/30)



Ad-Campaign (Out of 10)

Eh, the trailers really didn’t do much for me– it just reinforced my fears that the film would be chalked full of sex jokes by Amy Schumer (5/10)

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