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Here at Mad Maz Reviews we review all of the newest movies along with anime and television series. We are a small staff so we will focus on the shows and movies that most interest us but we will be making an effort to review as much as we possibly can. We hope to grow our fan base and viewers by trying to post our reviews on multiple platforms. We have a Facebook page, a google+ page and we recently created a YouTube channel… I will list links below.

We, at Mad Maz Reviews, believe that by writing about our experiences with these different mediums we can enhance the viewers experience with them and give them a place to not only grow their understanding of movies and such, but also give them a place to share their opinions and rating as well. We really want to share our opinions with others and have a community that shares their own opinions also.

Until recently I, Maz, have been the only contributer to this site and, quite honestly, it is a tough task being the only one to post anything. We have recently acquired two more authors that I am very close with and that I am very excited to bring on board and share some of the work load– particularly in Anime as well as Television as I feel that this site has been lacking in those areas for a while now. We hope to add more contributers in the future as well. So here is our Staff:

Mad Maz Reviews Staff and Contact Information:


Position: Owner/Editor/Author

E-Mail: gottyj@gmail.com



Position: Author

E-Mail: phantomfairy5@yahoo.com



Position: Author

E-Mail: comicfreak18@yahoo.com


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